Your plants can relate.

Your plants deserve the best! VuVu provides your plants the optimal amount of moisture, it filters out pollutants from your tap water and encourages root growth. All that, while still being the most sustainable addition to your home décor.

Natural materials for perfectly watered plants.

VuVu is crafted from porous, low temperature fired clay, allowing water to gradually seep through the minuscule pores in the clay material which filter out pollutants. Osmosis takes care of distributing water to your plants roots, leaving the soil well aerated and preventing root rot.

Inspired by nature and tradition.

VuVu is based on the vernacular olla way of irrigation with designed modifications both for efficiency and ease of use for plant owners. The flower like form was inspired by meat eating pitcher plants, that lure insects into the flower and trap them with a lid. Much like VuVu traps water with a lid to prevent evaporation.

One size fits most.

Unlike other irrigation systems VuVu is designed to fit into pots you already own. It fits pots ⌀ 10 cm - 50 cm. Depending on the surrounding conditions it can last up to 14 days without refilling water.*

*Tested in a pot ⌀ 16 cm at room temperature with a medium sized Monstera.

Rotate and add water.

VuVu can be set up in seconds. Simply lightly push and rotate your VuVu into the soil (or bury it when repotting) and fill it with tap water. Because the water seeps out slowly and is filtered through the clay you don't need to worry about the type of water you are using.

Developed with sustainability in mind.

VuVu is a low emissions product, that helps you save water and degrades back into the earth if you throw it away. With normal use it should last at least a decade before that happens, saving multiple plants during its life.
Sustainability with VuVu is that simple.

Own a piece of excellent design.

VuVu is the proud holder of the Made in Slovenia Selection of the Design Excellence badge, is a part of Distributed design and has been a part of multiple design exhibitions.

Launching in 2024!

VuVu is not yet available, but you can sign up to our waitlist to be notified of the launch and special offers. 😉

Meet the VuVu team

VuVu is a project started by Črt Štrubelj and Luka Bernik (both are industrial designers) in 2023. In 2024 the team expanded with two new members Andrija Mihajlović and Domen Klinc in preparation for the launch.